Why HW Photo & Safari: Why HW Photo & Safaris?

Little Governors Tent
Little Governors Tent, Little Governors, Masai Mara, 2017

Why Choose  

HW Photo & Safaris? 

When you go on an HW Photo & Safari tour there are a lot of added benefits.  

-Private vehicles for our group. You don't want to travel half way around the world to end up in a vehicle with 8 other people and have no say on what you are going to do on any given day.  

- Private tours of animal sanctuaries. 

- Leverage for lodge extras that our larger groups have access to that individuals won't have. 

- Fewer people per vehicle. Three photographers per vehicle, each photographer has his or her own bench seat so they can photograph out of each side of the vehicle. 

-Non-photographers max at four people per vehicle. 

-No private vehicle charges. 

-Best guides in camps. The guides are a big part of the success or failure of great consistent sightings. The power of bringing a group means the camps allow us to reserve their best guides. 

-Bringing a group often means we can charter planes. This means our luggage allowance is greater and we decide on our flight schedule.